Friday, May 15, 2009

The Bunny, the Bunny, Ooh I Love the Bunny . . .

You know, it's not often you hear a bunny give a lecture, so when one does show up and starts pontificating, you pay attention. That's how it was a week ago at Uncharted's retreat in Logan when Andrew Clark, our Director of Presentation, issued part of his keynote address wearing a bunny suit from Pink Bunny Pajamas, his web-based business. Andrew's been selling the pajamas for about six months now, and even despite the bad economy, orders are pouring in. Folks at Uncharted helped Andrew launch the business so he could help us launch Uncharted. We built e-mail databases for him. We found him a pajama manufacturer in the United States. As a reward to us, he wore the bunny suit at the retreat.

Of course, seeing him in the bunny suit made me really, really, really want to sing this song:

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