Monday, May 4, 2009

Holding on, Holding on . . .

Last week, I wrote about taking our son to see a "natural remedy" doctor to see if he could help him with a few medical problems, among them being a bout of constipation that has plagued this kid since he was a baby.

Sunday came the deluge. Sparing the details, I will simply say that our son went to the bathroom a lot, a week after starting treatment. He was uncomfortable, to be sure, but -- and this is a first for him -- he said he could feel his body telling him he needed to go. Most of the time in the past we had to tell him to go. So Sunday's activity, despite his discomfort, is comforting. And he's in school today, apparently functioning as normally as can be expected.

Part of this may be mental, as this is the first time we've had a doctor who recognized there might be a problem that stool softeners and time wouldn't cure (that's all we got out of our pediatrician, and the internal medicine doctors around here won't see anyone younger than 18 years of age). So chalk up at least one potential win in the column of Dr. Destin Thayne, BEP.

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