Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aw Crap

Leaving work Thursday, I joked with my boss that I wouldn't think about the place until 4:30 am Monday, getting ready for the bus. Just thought about it right now, and the temporary field change I'll have to chase first thing in the morning. Good thing, though, is that most of the groundwork has been laid and it'll be just a matter of futzing with the paperwork tomorrow. But still. I'd rather not start off a Monday with a stresser.

But thus is life. I should be happy -- and I am -- with my job, since it affords ample time to do the work I'm assigned to do and at not a bad rate of pay. I've certainly held jobs where the Sunday Dreads were a lot more meaningful, as the jobs I was dreading were far, far worse than this one. In fact, I'm actually dreading more the thought of having to head upstairs in a few minutes to wash dishes than I am dreading going to work in the morning, and that's significant. Never knew working within a half mile of one of the most contaminated nuclear waste dumps in the nation would bring such peace of mind.

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