Monday, June 15, 2009

Back in Class

As you probably surmized by my last boring, out-of-place post, I'm back in class. Gratefully, luckily, this is the last class I will take in pursuit of my masters degree. That is if I can pass it. It's going to be a challenging way to end the program, which will either have me going out with a bang or a whimper.

Funny me. When my last class ended at the end of April, I lamented a bit on what I would do to fill my free time in the month between classes. Boy howdy did I ever find stuff to do. Didn't miss being in class a bit. And I even got to put this one off a week since we were on vacation last week.

Speaking of vacation: I entered a new cycle, with fresh vacation days, on May 31. I've now used half, exactly half, of my vacation hours. I get only 80 a year. Eighty a YEAR! This seems unmistakably cheap, especially from a company that is taking steps to become "more competitive." Oh well. I will soldier on. I may have to start banking holidays like the Fourth of July, which falls on a Saturday this year, so I have enough hours to cover curtailment.

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