Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Haystack Rock II

We just got back from watching the sun set at Haystack Rock. I spent a good portion of the time standing on the beach like an idiot while the kids - and then just the one kid who gets freaked out by the waves - made sand castles, and then taking the youngest two to the potty, far, far away. I did get to see the sun, in all it's red orbness, setting into the purple clouds, which streaked the sun to make it look like Jupiter.

We were lucky in our sojourn in that it has not rained. "That's once in a lifetime," said a jocular grey-haired got on the beach with an enormous camera slung over his shoulder.

We also watched suffers. The surf was not big, but big enough to attract a few. It's a little surreal to watch them surf, with the Jupiter-like sun setting behind them, with those gigantic rocks poking like crocodile teeth out of the silver water.

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