Monday, June 22, 2009

Weiner Dog Futures

We are suddenly invested in weiner dog futures.

Friends of ours have a dachshund they're going to breed, and have promised us a puppy. This is a significant step for my wife, still mourning the death of our first weiner dog, Moki, who died just before Thanksgiving last year.

We've been telling the kids that we'd get a new dog once we got done with vacation. So on the way home from Oregon, our daughter brought the subject up. The new answer them became We'll get a digvwhen the time is right. Seems that time, at least that time fir speculation, has arrived.

There are, of course, logistical problems. These friends used to live in Sugar City. Now they're in Monterey, California. Don't know how we'll get a puppy, even if it does come to pass, from there to here, and we had to tell our daughter that her idea of putting the puppy in a box with some holes poked in it and with some dog biscuits inside was not going to work, cute as the idea is.

So we'll see what happens.

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