Friday, June 26, 2009

Orange Shag Carpeting

Sometime this week, we'll have new carpet in the study and the boys will have new carpet in their bedroom. That is if we can find our carpet-layer, next-door-neighbor Gary, who seems to have fled to Pocatello for the duration.

I don't mind that he's disappeared, because I've still got some work to do in the study before the carpet can go in. Today was the day for moulding and the closet threshhold. Also, the old carpet -the orange shag - came up. And good riddance. Gary put it on the house 20 years ago, he told us once, and it was used then. Looks like the pad was used, too, and part of it has even turned to dust. This floor ought to be a lot softer once this is done.

Tomorrow, I do the trim around the windows and then the shelf on the ledge where the books go. I also have to get rid of the old carpet. I'd like to stick it out on the alley for the city to deal with, but the alley cleanup isn't until October, and I'm not sure they want all our cruz in the alley all summer. Of course, I could just lay the carpet out flat in the alley and use it to kill the weeds. Maybe the city will appreciate that. Or not.

Then we have to track Gary down. We know he'll do the work, we've just got to get on his schedule between golf games.

We're glad to see the carpet go. We've pulled enough fishhooks out of the thing that we don't like to lie on it, because they're not barbless. Of course, it stinks so much, nobody wants to lie on it anyway. Maybe we could take it out in the alley and have a public burning . . .

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