Monday, June 8, 2009

Eat at Mo's

One of the things that is severely lacking in Idaho is fresh seafood. Stores try, but the frozen, prepackaged stuff we get there is typically pretty bad. Since I'm half Dutch and have a Dad who brought home the occasional delicacy from the Netherlands, I know the difference between the good stuff and the bad, at least in a general sense. One of my favorite fish treats is herring, either pickled or fresh - and by fresh I mean raw- served with a little chopped green onion. So tasty. So to be on Oregon and not get a good fresh seafood meal would be a travesty. Enter Mo's.

Mo's is a local chain of restaurants on the northern Oregon coast. We visited their restaurant in cannon Beach today. Good stuff. I'm a big fan of clam chowder, so when I saw the chowder in a sourdough cannonball I jumped at it. The chowder was excellent. The bread, not so much. I have been spoiled, of course, by real sourdough bread from the San Francisco area. You know it's good locally when you can wander onto a Safeway and pick up a decent loaf. I like my sourdough sour, and this Mo's bread was a disappointment. Still good and chewey like a sourdough should be, but just not sour enough. The onion rings we had with the cannonballs, however, were great. Hot, crispy, done just right and not dripping with grease. That's what I look fir in onion rings.

My hopes are tomorrowvto sample more of the local fresh fish. I have to strike when I can, because my wife isn't a big fish fan. And tomorrow we also get cheese. Absolutely cannot wait.

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