Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Long, Mr. Jackson

So now begin the interminable radio-music tributes to Michael Jackson. Time for me to fake a power outage at home so the radios stay off.

Not that I'm happy that he died -- I just don't particularly care for his music, that's all.

Two Michael Jackson memories:

Funniest is when Joel Glicker enters the Harmony Hut in Addams Family Values as punishment and starts screaming when he sees a Michael Jackson "Heal the World" poster on the wall.

Then there was the time I was living in Toulouse when he was there for a concert. Town went completely ape, with fans gaggling outside his supposed hotel on la Place du Capitole, screaming "Michael! Michael!" A friend and I rode our bikes past the stadium where he had his concert that night. Lots of music and screaming and folderol. From a distance.

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Anonymous said...

Joel didn't scream because of the Michael Jackson poster. Instead, he screamed because of its message, which is too saccharine for him.