Monday, August 24, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Since I started work her at the RWMC three years ago, the back door to our building -- which leads to a building used by another contractor -- has been closed. Nary the two shall meet seemed to be the way things worked around here. Until last week. Since last week the door has stood open, like a portal into another dimension, beckoning us with the unknown.

Every time I go back to the water cooler or copy machine, I feel like Alice on the portal of Wonderland. Who knows what adventures and strange characters lie just beyond that tempting, open door? But like trained monkeys, none of us -- at least to my knowledge -- have wandered through that door into the netherworld beyond where, it is rumored, there are bathrooms for our use that lie much closer to our little cubicle farm than the bathrooms next door. But no one dares break the sarcosanct barrier that for so long lay there, but now lies broken.

I may be the first. I may do it today. But it won't be a long excursion. A brief one or two steps into the unknown beyond, hoping against hope that I don't trigger some unheard alarm and thus incite the wrath of hired goons in big black boots. If this is the last you hear from me, you'll know what happened.

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