Saturday, August 15, 2009

Woodstock: The Rot is 40 Years Old Now

Ah yes, Woodstock.

Forty years old this year, and, frankly, showing its age. I have to wonder where these people and their Partridge Family bus are now. Well, the bus, it's easy to imagine, has long since gone out to pasture and is either peacefully rusting away in some wrecking yard or has been recycled and, if there is any justice in the world, its metal is now part of a stealth bomber or an aircraft carrier.

And the dog. Well, being what dogs are, I"m sure it was very happy to be where it was when this photo was taken. I'm with my Human! Outside! With lots of other Humans! And it REALLY STINKS HERE! Wow!

But the people? I don't know. I just do know that this is the generation that's leading us now. And they're so damned self-important we get things like the Iraq war and health care reform that's really not reform at all, but a swapping of one quickly-emptying moneypot for another. I know that's a cynical view. I'm sure there are many of my generation just as capable of producing and consuming crap at the same levels of previous generations. But to look back on the crapfest that was Woodstock, with the same misty nostaligia we're seeing for the members of the Manson Family as of late, is sickening.

The media panders to this, of course. I know. I used to be a media. THey love anniversaries such as this. Especially any anniverary where they can dredge up eividence that they were once part of an original generation. Look at us! their stories scream. We thought this up FIRST! We were the generation that brought rock music to the masses, where people could run around in the nuddy and wallow in squalor and listen to JIMI HENDRIX and smoke pot and do all the really cool stuff that our parents warned us about. We were the original rebels! We showed you young whippersnappers how to do everything decadent.

Now get off my lawn.

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