Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Got Fungus!

There's an old Carol Burnett show skit wherein Tim Conway is playing his old man to Harvey Korman's snooty actor. Tim gets Harvey's toupee stuck on his hand, stares at it and hollers, in his old man voice, "I got fungus!" That's how we felt last night.

Our raspberry patch, which has produced a fairly good crop this year, suddenly has fungus. Michelle started noticing the patches of white dust and fuzz on the leaves and berries earlier this week, and last night when we sprayed the fungicide, it was all over the place. Yes, we sprayed fungicide, all the while with me recalling episodes from Berton Roueche's "Annals of Medicine" of people who got deathly ill from having fungicides and other chemicals leach through their skin. But I'm feeling much better now.

We hope we've got the fungus wiped out, but only time will tell. It's a worry because right next to the raspberries we've got an apple tree -- well, it's the neighbor's tree, but he lets us pick the apples -- and our tomatoes, which might actually produce a crop this year. We don't want the fungus spreading.

By the way, I cursed a lot of mosquitoes last night. They kept flying INTO MY EARS to bite me in the ear canal, as if they were hungry for excess wax. Stupid little things.

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