Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Van for Sale

The good news is that the actual van -- on sale now for $4,000, OBO -- isn't actually as blurry as this photo. And we just washed it, so all the bugs we accumulated on the bumper while driving in Montana last weekend are now, euphemistically put, "Rexburg's problem," because they've gone down the storm drain and are on their way to Rexburg's wastewater treatment plant.

So, yes, the van is for sale. 129,000 miles. It runs well and looks good. No egregious stains inside, nor dents outside, though if you look at the license plate carefully, you'll see where it took a good hit from a bit of a two-by-four that flew out of the back of a truck we were following on I-15 a few years ago. Still glad it didn't come through the windshield.

As a bonus, you get FREE almost all of the Kid Debris under the back seat, including the following:

Random candy wrappers
French fries
Tiny doll shoes
Matchbox car
Half-sucked hard candy
Lego bits (these will be surrendered to the current owner upon sale)

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