Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Weeks

Kids go back to school in two weeks, and I think they're looking forward to it.

A few milestones: Liam leaves the elementary school for the intermediate school, which means nothing outside our little school district. Isaac also enters kindergarten, and, hopefully, doesn't drive his teacher crazy in the first week. He's such a busy little kid.

The intermediate school is an entire TWO BLOCKS further from home, which is causing a little anxiety. I think the curse is taken off it by the fact he can walk through the elementary school playing fields to get to the intermediate school, but we'll see if that holds true.

One question I do have for the school district: You're starting the school year on a Thursday. A Thursday? Oh well.

So this weekend, one last fling. Not sure where we'll go, or if we'll go at all. I do know that with school starting, fall and winter won't be far behind, and I'm way behind in getting the wood we'll need to feed the wood stove all winter. If this winter is anything like the last two, we'll need all the wood we can get, as they started early, brought lots of snow and left late. I'm technically not sure I'm ready for winter, even without the scanty woodpile making me nervous. The older I get, the less prepared I feel for winter.

Speaking of prepared, Michelle talked me into another project last weekend -- converting the kids' fort into an enclosed playhouse, in an attempt to keep the bugs out. I don't know how well that will succeed, but I'll sure give it a try.

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