Friday, August 7, 2009

Poor Twitter

So, Twitter saw its first major denial of service attack. Don't most websites regard that as a rite of passage, perhaps a signal that they've "made it," as Dorothy Gish might say.

Lillian and Dorothy Gish. "And, uh! True story. . ."

I read somewhere -- CNN, I think -- that some Twitter users felt "naked" without being able to Tweet. Pardon me, but that seems a bit pathetic.

I was once like that, though. About a month ago, I was a heavy Tweeter. But then my iPod Touch went through a full cycle in the clothes washer and stopped working. For a week, I felt pretty odd, not having that little instant gratification device in my hands whenever I wanted it. But as the week went on, and I visited Twitter less, and used computers less because I couldn't pull it out when I was on the bus or in the bathroom, I realized that I missed the thing less. I still feel badly that the iPod went through the wash, but I realize now that I don't really need one. I've got a desktop and a laptop, and that suffices.

And it does mean I spend less time on Twitter. And that's a good thing. I've read more books since the iPod went under than I did in the months I had it. And it's been at least 24 hours since I Tweeted. Don't miss it.

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