Monday, August 3, 2009


I find out this week, of course, if I've passed my online class on building an online class, representing the last three credits I need to earn a masters degree. I have high hopes. I know my final paper and website for the class aren't perfect, but I think I worked hard enough on them to accomplish something a little better than average. I have been wrong before, of course.

So now begs the next question: Since I may soon have the right to add the MS to the BA already behind my name, do I go on for the PhD? I'm listing pros and cons here, with cons first, as is my pessimistic wont:
  • Sounds like just about any subject I pick has a teaching element involved.
  • Not that teaching is terrible, but that means I can't complete the program and remain employed where I am, unless I want to drive myself crazy by driving all over the place. Nearest doctorate-issuing university to me is Idaho State, 75 miles. And do they have a program I want?
  • Obviously I could continue at Utah State, get a PhD in professional communication. But that means moving to Logan.
  • I can't provide for my family on what pittance I'd get from the university during the program. No way entirely. I'd have to work and go to school at the same time.
  • I know people have done this, but do I want to do it? It sounds insane.

Yes, narrative style is helping me think these through. Now the pros:

  • Earn big money, after spending big money.
  • Honors and benefits, and at the age of nine.
  • Working to accomplish something this difficult would be an amazing thing.
  • More, better job opportunities, as masters degrees are going the way of the bachelors, in becoming a dime a dozen.
  • Teaching experience on top of anything else. Could lead to better things, get me out of RWMC (not that it's bad, mind you) and into BYU-Idaho (not that BYU-I is necessarily nirvana).

One more con: I'd have to buy a suit.

So in a word, I don't know. I think a little more research is needed. That's a good place to start, right? But I'll have to act quickly because, like Cuzco, I ain't gettin' any deader.

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