Thursday, August 27, 2009

Idaho's Joe Biden

If Rex Rammell wants to go down in history as Mr. Political Gaffe, he's doing a fine job. If he wants to be Idaho's next governor, well, he's going to have to try harder than this.

Jared Hopkins, writing for the Twin Falls Times-News, reports that Rammell jokingly agreed with a heckler that he's buy an "Obama tag" during a discussion on the sale of wolf hunting tags in Twin Falls. Hopkins reports:
Rammell's remarks on Otter came in an interview Wednesday after the Times-News asked about comments Rammell made Tuesday night at a local Republican party event.

After an audience member shouted a question about "Obama tags" during a discussion on wolves, Rammell responded, "The Obama tags? We'd buy some of those."

Rammell, a veterinarian and former elk rancher from Idaho Falls, said his comment was a joke and he would never seriously talk about President Obama that way, although he doesn't support anything Obama's done as president.

"I was just being sarcastic. That was just a joke," Rammell said. "I would never support him being assassinated."

"She kind of caught me off guard, to be honest with you."
Caught you off guard, sir? That may well be. But I'd rather that my governor be able to think to avoid making such a gaffe, rather than simply blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. But I'm glad you did, because it adds yet more fuel to the fire that'll keep you out of Boise in 2010.

Rammell was busy criticizing current Idaho Gov. Butch Otter for now following through on a promise to buy the first wolf hunting tag when they went on sale Monday. According to Hopkins:
On Monday, Otter attended in Lewiston and spoke at the funeral of Bruce Sweeney, 10-term state legislator who served while Otter was lieutenant governor. When told this, Rammell said, "That's a lame excuse."
You're the lame excuse, Rex. Shut that mouth up and stop grabbing at any stupid little straw you think will earn you votes. Or keep grabbing at them and lose votes. Idaho will be better off without you as governor.

And as for the idiot who brought up the "Obama tag" in the first place, shame on you. That's not political opinion. That's stupidity.

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