Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bad Movie: Pumaman

I guess it's my brother Albert's fault.

Ever since he showed me This Island Earth and Queen of Outer Space, I've had a thing for really bad movies. Maybe bad is the wrong word. Unique. Original. Entertaining, but not necessarily in that slick Hollywood way. Like the gem I present here today: Pumaman.

Mercilessly skewered by the folks at Mystery Science Theater 3000, Pumaman is one of those movies you might find on an obscure cable channel late at night, flick to it for a moment and then not be able to look away because it's so bad.

Watch Pumaman fly. He flies as if he were Superman suddenly afflicted with a central nervous system affliction. But ti's so bad, it's good. I love this movie. I'd love to have a copy on DVD -- but, alas, it's only available via expensive VHS. Yeah, I could buy the MST3K version, but sometimes you want to watch those movies without the snarky commentary. Though you'd lack the words to the Pumaman theme song.

There are still bad movies made today -- just look at the Transformers franchise, or the second in the Pirates of the Carribean series. But nobody makes bad movies like they used to. by today's standards, This Island Earth is laughable. The Queen of Outer Space, sexist, if not hilarious. And Pumaman, well, I'd rather watch him than any modern superhero movie today. Sure, he flies like a moron, but we don't have to get into his personal flaws, or, heaven forbid, identify more with the villain than we do with the cardboard-cutout hero of the movies today.

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