Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Craiglist Spam

I've been reluctant to use Craiglist because of, shall we say, the shadier reputation this classified advertising site has. But as the months drag on and our van hasn't sold, I finally decided this week to post the van to Craigslist in the hopes of getting a little bit more interest in it.


Got an e-mail this morning from Deeanna Floros, who mentions the van in passing, but the goes on with a sob story about how she had to sell her son's Xbox in order to make the house payment and wants to help people in "similar situations" by pointing them towards some Internet-based work-from-home scamathon.

As per usual, the e-mail contains hilariously broken English, viz:
One of my good friends showed me how he was able to earn great income working on your home computer. I couldn't believe he would share this with me, but I am appreciative that I am sharing this with everybody who needs a break and who might be in a similar situation.
So even if I were desperate for some kind of at-home business, this one would be off the list because she uses the word "appreciative," which I regard as a word only because it contains letters from the generally-accepted alphabet. I'm also enough of a grammar nazi to wonder how her friend is going to make money by working on my home computer. (Read it again; that's exactly what she says.)

Add to the irony is that her invitation to work at home arrived under a huge banner from Craigslist advising me to avoid work-at-home scams. Thanks for the advice, Craigslist, but I'm way ahead of ya, sister.

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