Friday, September 18, 2009

Daddy Culture, or Put de Lime in de Coconut

Today's experiment was to see if you can batch it successfully while towing three children around. Result: Failure. I got to batch it for about a half hour between when Michelle left for the day to take a friend out on the town and when I had to go pick Isaac up from a friend's house and get the other two from school.

Since that batching experiment failed, I opted next to see what kinds of Daddy Culture I could introduce to my children. That was a bit more successful. First, I let two of them play at a neighbor's house for a little while to get it out of their system. Then we went to the St. Anthony Sand Dunes so we could play Lost in the Desert. They loved it. We climbed up the dunes, swam down the steep parts, watched the little sand skippers crawl across the sand leaving their little tracks, hunted for lizards and otherwise found interesting ways to get sand into our pockets. Then we went to McDonalds.

Then, at home, I introduced them to this:

Daddy Culture doesn't get any better.

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