Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rip-Off Tuesday

When I got home from work today, my seven-year-old daughter greeted me with the following confusion:

"Daddy, you forgot to rip off Tuesday!"

Uh-huh. I forgot to rip off Tuesday. "What," I asked.

"Today's Wednesday, and you forgot to rip off Tuesday!"

I'm not a thief, I felt like telling the child. And, I thought of adding, it's not fair to attack Daddy with such riddles after an hour and a half commute when he's still feeling groggy -- except for his bladder, which is wide awake, mind you, and expressing an urge to complete some business.

So we read our scriptures. We had dinner. The home teachers came. The kids colored, read books, got into their PJs, went to bed. She went to bed still insisting I'd forgotten to rip off Tuesday.

I sat at my desk after covering the tomatoes, taking out the garbage, putting dinner leftovers away and washing the dishes. I looked at my two desk calendars. One -- the one my daughter doesn't much care for -- still showed us on the weekend. The cartoony one she likes . . . yep. I'd forgotten to rip off Tuesday.

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