Friday, September 4, 2009

Telling Lies

Mom . . .

One of the more entertaining aspects of being a parent is that once and a while you get to tell some fun lies to your kids. Not lies about really serious, earth-shattering things, of course, but the fun kinds of lies that will kind of mess them up a bit or at least let them think you are a complete genius until they become teenagers, learn everything and thus believe that you as a parent know nothing. Here are a few of the lies I've recently told my children:
  • Earth used to have two suns until the smaller of the two exploded just a few years before our oldest child was born.
  • Lady bugs taste just like M&Ms.
  • The Moon is a hole in the sky through which daylight passes.
  • Mom was a Sand Person (a la Star Wars) before she married Dad.
And that was just this week.

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