Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Love and Time Served

Because we're a happening, modern-in-the-aughts couple, my wife and I occasionally check in with each other on the status of our marriage. We basically send the message to each other that as long as the laundry (her job) and the toilet scrubbing (my job) are done in a timely fashion, things couldn't possibly be any better. That there's money in the bank, the kids are happy and occasionally tranquilized and there are no obvious screaming fits that make the neighbors open their windows so they can hear better is ancillary.

So I won't be doing what this fellow in Philadelphia did: He robbed a bank and dared the tellers to call the cops so he could serve time in jail to get away from his wife.

The best line from the story:

Miller’s defense attorney, Robert Beyer, said that when Miller’s wife came to pick up his car after he was in custody, she met with the arresting officer. After 20 minutes with her, the defense attorney said the officer confessed,” I was ready for jail, too,” according to the paper.

So to those with any doubts, Michelle and I have a wonderful marriage, full of love and enough gleeful angst to keep things interesting.

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