Monday, February 22, 2010

Apple Scores on the Side of Modesty

Apple is inciting the wrath of libertines, er, progressives everywhere by instigating a ban on sexually explicit apps in its app store. Read the kicking against the, I can’t say it, here and here, for starters.

While I’m all for such a ban, the more democratic approach may still be what I wrote earlier this year: Apple needs to fix the parental controls so not only can one prevent such apps from being downloaded, but the apps should also be tagged somehow to not even show up on iPhones or iPod Touches in which the filtering is in place. That way, those who want the apps can get them and those who don’t won’t even realize they exist. Putting such filtering in place would satisfy those, like me, who don’t want even a hint of salaciousness in their app store browsings, while satisfying those who are merrily skipping away down the road to hell.

It’s good to see Apple making some kind of move on this situation, however. Those who don’t mind such apps shouldn’t let their rights trample the rights of those who don’t. Go view your pornography where and how you want, just don’t make me an accessory to your viewing.

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