Friday, February 26, 2010

Tax Time

Dig the propaganda. Except that today we don't have Hitler or Hirohito to blame, or, for that matter, thrifty Scotsmen to stereotype. Nevertheless, can't deny that it's tax season.

I don't mind so much. What with having three children lying around the house, tax time is a time of rejoicing in our house. We'll pay some bills with the refund, including a big hunk of money on our car payment. That'll feel good.

Here's something else that feels good:

Factories making guns. Machine guns. Anti-tank guns. Long-range guns. Guns. Guns, All kinds of guns! To blast the aggressor from the sea!

Forgive me a cruel chuckle, Hiss. (If you don't understand, you've got to watch the propaganda provided.)

I do my own taxes, which Louis Tully tells me I shouldn't do, but I do it anyway because I figure I'm smart enough to figure it all out.

A new wrinkle this year: Schedule M. This comes from the oddly-named Making Work Pay act, or something or other like that. I can't think of another reason to go to work than for pay, unless, of course, it's Uncharted and I'm doing it all voluntarily because it gives me something to do in the off hours when I'm not working for pay. Aside from writing for all these blinking blogs. Back to Schedule M. Maybe I expected things to be too obvious, but just try to find an explnaation about who can take this credit. Seems like everybody, and if I'm reading the schedule instructions right, and if the trial run I did through H&R Block's online tax software is right, I can take the credit, even though I got the reduced payroll deduction. It's all a bit hazy, though. But I'll take the money. It's just like Grampa Simpson says: the money is coming because "I figured it was because the Democrats won power again."

Other good news: I'm off the Lifetime Learning credit as of this year, since I'm done earning my masters degree. But for this year, we ought to be lucky enough to have Michelle enrolled as a full-time student, so that'll mean the credit can keep on rolling our way.

Then there's the instant exemption for property taxes paid. That's a weird one. But this is the government we're talking about, and if it knows anything, it knows weird. Oh, the stories I could tell on that one but won't because I'm currently employed by the government and applying for another government-related job, so, hi to those in the NSA who are spying on me right now. I know I haven't showered yet, but it is my day off, you know. Busy figuring my taxes.

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