Thursday, February 4, 2010

King of the Hammers

Kind of a different story up at Uncharted this week. Rather than an exploration of someone's past adventures, we're touting the preparations for a current Explorer's planned adventure coming up next week. Cody Fuquay of Cedar City, Utah, will participate in California's Griffin King of the Hammers off-road and rock-crawling race, a 250-mile trek over rocks, up hills and through the gullies of beautiful, sunny Johnson Valley Off-Road Vehicle Rec Area about 35 miles out into the desert from Victorville. Looks like quite the spectacle. Read all about it here. We hope to have a follow-up with Cody in the coming weeks.

What's also fun about this story is that Cody will be wearing Uncharted stickers and such on his vehicle and uniform, so we're likely to get a teensy bit of recognition from the event. It's not to the level of the Nike swooshes worn by the members of the Walden football team, but it's a step in the right direction for us, promotion-wise. I just hope I didn't screw up on the story. I did have Cody read it before it was published, so that gives me hope there aren't any glaring errors . . .

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