Monday, February 22, 2010

The Dilbert Influence

We're heavily into Dilbert at our house. Liam, our ten-year-old, loves Scott Adams' comic strip to the point of obsession. He asks me all the time if I have ever had a bungee boss. If my boss has pointy hair (he does not, he's bald). He's fascinated to know I work with engineers and wants to know if I work with anyone like Wally. (I don't, though most of his traits are easily identifiable in many of the people at work, myself included.)

He also wants to know if I've ever seen a primitive, donut-scavenging man clad only in sticky notes. I have not. Liam did, however, provide this drawing which I'm to use to identify such a man if he ever pops up at work.

I have to admire Liam's obsession. I was similarly obsessed with BC and Charlie Brown as a kid, though I never went as far as to delve into drawing them myself. (I spent a lot more time reading, absorbing the comics, than I did harboring delusions of actually drawing them. This is how I know Liam may well be my kid, but he's not going to be exactly like me. Which is a good thing. Trust me.)

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