Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sugar City Deserves Great Internet

On top of everything else I've got to do this weekend, I just may nominate Sugar City for Google's fiber optic Internet trial. And sicne I start with the pessimistic attitude that there's no way they'll ever select Sugar City, I've got nothing to lose. Except the time it takes to put the nomination together. Including the video I'm thinking about. But that's insanity. But it's also a justification for the video camera we bought at Christmas, and good practice at using the thing for more than recording when the Pink Bunny sings.

I've got to admit it would be pretty nice to have the fiber optic option in Sugar City. The school district has a fiber optic network that, if I remember correctly, links up to a fiber pipeline that leaves the state. Or something like that. Maybe not. But it sure would be nice. I have a fiber optic connection at work, and love it. The wireless connection I have at home is OK -- it's better than dial-up, comparable to DSL. But it's the pricing that stinks. No matter what service we go with (wireless, DSL, cable) it's the same price for the same service. That's not competition. It's an agreed-upon monopoly.

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