Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oont, A Puzzle Piece Part

I whirled in the darkness. From the trees, rattling the dried grass, I heard footfalls. I heard voices. “Come here,” they said. “Come closer. We will speak to you.” I felt ill. Dizzy. The air smelled sickly sweet. The full light shone through the trees, but the light was fuzzy. The trees were fuzzy. “Come,” the voices said. “Closer.” “Over here,” “No, over here.”

It was not right for the voices to tease. It was not right that they teased from afar, whispering at me in voices that sounded like they came to my ears submerged in water. The lights above in the dark sky whirled against the black pointed spearheads of the treetops.

"OVER HERE!” a voice shouted and I startled into a lumbering run, confused, like a bear emerging from hibernation seeking water to drink. The full light shined through the trees still, but shined as if through a thickening mist. The air I breathed was an ichor, sweet on the panting tongue. I wanted to lie down. To rest.

From behind, a rock smashed into my head. I knew no more.

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