Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blogging On The Bus

Though I won't be able to post this until I get home because the Lost River Desert is a bit bereft of wi-fi hot spots, I can at least truthfully say that I am blogging from the bus, filling in this slack time with yet another inane posting, at least until the sun sets.

I will mention the deer. For the past week, we've had a herd of deer grazing on the lawn to the north of the bus depot at Central. Today, there were eight of them, but last week there was an even dozen. They don't seem fazed to be eating in such close proximity to a bunch of humans and lumbering yellow buses. It may be that they're hungry enough that they'll tolerate our presence because they have little choice. But they look pretty healthy, the lot of them with their thick coats and shiny eyes. A few of them were pawing the snow away to get at the grass underneath. They don't look skinny or weak. I'd like to think they tolerate us because our behavior -- watching from a discreet distance -- is tolerable. There are certainly no gins pout here outside those that belong to the security guards (or at least any guns people would own up to having out here, as wuch is ubiquitous but verboten). There are enough hunters out here ogling the herd, that's for sure. Me being the peacenik that I am, I just enjoy watching them. I tried for a walk down the sidewalk near them today, but the bus came earlier than I hoped. Still, it's fun to watch them. They keep a pretty close eye ok us, a few watching while the rest eat. They're pretty sure we mean no harm, but they're still wary. I might get all foolish and name them, but I know they're only transients who found an easy feed. I could easily be one of those commune with nature Thoreau/Hippie types if I had the time and could stand the cold for more than 30 minutes at a time. Ah well. Maybe when it's time for dogs and cars to live together, I'll get my chance.

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