Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nerd Alert

Okay. I must confess to being an absolute nerd.

A few moments ago, I was on and stumbled across this story, headlined "Sibelius to be White House HHS chief."

I immediately thought of this guy:

Jean Sibeluis, probably the most famous composer ever to come out of Finalnd. (Not to be confused with El Guapo, who is the biggest actor ever to come out of Mexico.) Listen to some of his music here and here. Side note: Sibelius, in his later years, looked surprisingly like Marlon Brando:

But it's not Jean Sibelius, Finnish composer, whom Obama has tapped to be HHS Secretary, but this gal here, whom I've never heard of. Still, it's fun to think a Finnish composer could rise so high in American civil service.

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