Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Switch Later . . .

We have the van back, and in complete working order. I've probably just jinxed us by typing that.

Trouble with the window was a burned-out switch, which, for some reason Detroit is still trying to puzzle out, was simple to replace and did not involve tearing the door apart, removing the wheels or otherwise involve insane amounts of labor to replace a $50 (still, $50!) part. (As for the cost of the USED part, I have to wonder. I can buy switches at Radio Shack for a couple of dollars. What makes the power window switch so special?)

Obviously, it could have been worse. It could have been the window motor which, according to our mechanic, would have required a trip to the (cue evil music here) the dealership. We know what that means. Last time we took our van to the dealership they found, in addition to a broken $45 sensor, that there were about $3,000 worth of repairs that URGENTLY needed to be done so they could make their boat payment for the month.


carl g said...

We've been a one-car family for months because the door fell off our truck. A couple of body and fender guys in the ward are, thankfully, welding it back on for us. But it also won't idle and the driver's seat belt is broken. I'll feel like we've really arrived when we can afford reliable cars.

Brian Davidson said...

OK, you've got us beat. A dropped-off door will always trump a burned-out switch. I wish you luck. I know for me there's nothing worse than having to deal with car repairs, which is why Michelle gets to deal with most of them.