Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tax Time

Lewis Tully here. I'm excited it's tax time, because that means a lot of extra work and maybe a little extra money and I can throw parties and write them off as a promotional expense, which is why I invite clients instead of friends. You havin' a good time, Norm?

Anyway, my friend Mister Fweem here does his own taxes which you shouldn't do. He's a little confused this year of course because he thought he read somewhere that some tax papers were going to be late this year due to the economic crisis and all the buyouts and mergers and such. Probably because the guy who has to keep all those records got laid off and nobody knows where it all went after the offices merged and they're having to recreate it all from scratch which they can't do because they just figured out that the people kepeing the records kept them all in crayon on the backs of takeout menus from local Chinese restaurants and the wax ran and melted a bit because they slept on the records. That was a long sentence. And I've lost my train of thought on this so I'd better go take some salicyclic acid, which I buy in the generic, 500 a bottle, which is good financial sense.

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