Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Just Can't Any More

Antenna, antenna, antenna, antenna, antenna.

This mantra thing is working. I don't believe I'll have to stop and look up "antenna" in the dictionary any more. I've got it down.

Others, however, are making me short of breath.

Breath and breathe. Two very similar words. The first is a noun. The second is the verb. One cannot, I repeat cannot, take the place of the other.

I see them mixed up all the time, however. One of our local TV news stations is notorious for this. Their major story today: "Eastern Idaho brewers can breath easier now, because the state has decided against increasing taxes on beer and wine."

Of course they mean breathe. Breath may come easier, but breath is never, never a verb. Breathe is. Please get it right.

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