Thursday, February 19, 2009

iPod Touch Heaven

If you're like me and new to the iPod Touch, you're probably wondering, so, what do I do with this thing now that I've got it? So far, I will confess, I have used mine to watch episodes of "Last of the Summer Wine" after the kids have gone to bed, playing games like whack-a-mole and solitare, and posting a few items to this blog.

Tony Vincent, over at Learning in Hand, is going to show me a bit more of what I can do.

I'm interested, first of all, in podcasting. Right now I'm more interested in voice podcasting rather than video, simple because there's a big one-two punch involved when you combine my John McCain-ish, weenie man voice with my ugly mug. Right now, I believe, voice would be sufficient -- though I will confess I'm much more interested in simply using the Touch as a sound recorder, not necessarily a Weenie Man recorder. I may have the technology to do this. So I'll give it a shot. Results, of course, will be posted here. Or not.

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carl g said...

Two comments in two days. What's up with that, Carl?

Anyway, I did not know that the Touch had mic-in capability. I see now that it is incorporated into the headphone jack. If you buy a mic for your Touch, post about it and let us know what you got and how it works.