Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Blame Lucy

For the past few months, we've had an extra family member. Nevermind that English comedian Spike Milligan died on Feb. 27, 2002. He plays a very big part in the lives of the three Davidson children, only one of whom was alive when Spike was.

Mr. Milligan made an appearance on "The Muppet Show," which, I hope, needs no introduction for the culturally literate who read this blog. During the episode, Spike drops his pants to show boxer shorts modeled first after the English flag, then after the American one. He also abuses the Muppet newscaster, cutting his tie and making him pop out of his chair like a piece of toast. He then goes on to sing a rather comedic rendition of Disney's "It's A Small World After All," punctuated by spitting a ping-pong ball out of his mouth.

This is, by far, our kids' most favorite Muppets episode, though Isaac did take a shining to Peter Sellers (must be something to do with British comedians) singing "Cigarettes, and Whiskey, and Wild, Wild Women," a song he chose to sing SEVERAL times at church during the reverent moments when the sacrament was being passed. I'm sure we'll be in ward folklore for generations over that one.

I blame Lucy. If Lucille Ball hadn't video taped her shows rather than airing them live, we might not be in this mess. Of course, someone else would have come along and invented the re-run. Oh well.

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