Wednesday, June 9, 2010

20 Years

I know I’m not far from this:

My mornings are already pretty regimented as are Carl’s, I just don’t have the stair chair to get me where I need to go. I wake up at 4:05, shower, dress, eat breakfast in front of the computer, then it’s off in the truck to the bus stop, onto the bus and asleep for an hour and a half before I change buses, nap another ten minutes, then get to work. All I really need is the hat, cane, and surly attitude.

Maybe they’re coming more quickly than I’d like to think. This summer is my 20th high school reunion. I’m probably going to go. At least to the picnic, if nothing else. I don’t necessarily feel old, however.

I can’t be nostalgic about high school, because I didn’t enjoy it much. Not that I was attacked for being nerdly or whatever, I just kind of drifted through the halls without leaving much of a mark. I have much more nostalgia for my college years, although it’s a lot less likely that I’ll ever go to college reunions for that matter. I’m just not that nostalgic of a person.

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