Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm Turning into Red Green

I hope you know Red Green. If you don't there's a very large hole you need to fill in your life.

Anyway, I think I'm turning into Red Green, because, twice this week, I used duct tape to fix something at home. And I don't mean temporary fixes. I mean permanent, security fixes meant to enhance my lifestyle and make sure the sugar ants don't get into our stored water.

First, here's the master at work:

Now I can't hope to equal his prowess with the sliver stuff, but I can at least try.

First of all, the water barrel. It's under the stairs. We've got a nifty little hand pump we can use to pump that water out when we need to, but it wasn't made for the barrel and thus didn't fit snugly in the outlet. Now, thanks to duct tape, it's secure, and there's no chance in heck the sugar ants that are also under the stairs can get in. Note, I said nothing about fishing out those that are already in there swimming.

Second, my chair. I've been fighting my office chair for more than a year now. Problem is, the original wheels broke, so I bought new ones. A series of new ones that BOB (big ol' butt) keeps breaking. The final set I have seems to be holding up under the stresses, but they fall out of their place if I so much as fart while sitting here. So now they're duct taped in place. They don't wheel as freely as they did without the tape, but they do stay in place. That's making me a lot happier, and the silver color of the tape blends in so well with the silver of the chair legs my wife hasn't noticed the repair yet. Of course, if we hadn't bought the clearance color laser printer at the office supply store, we probably could have afforded a new chair. But, c'est la vie.

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