Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another from the Fridge: Here We Have Eye-Da . . . Oh

Our oldest son is, shall we say, somewhat obbsessive about certain things. Maps are one of those things. He started early, stealing and shredding two giant road atlases of mine not because he was careless with them, but because he literally wore them out looking at them and looking at them and looking at them. When we go on road trips, he's the official navigator, and loves to point out interesting things we might see on the way, unless, of course, we've got a movie going. So it's no surprise to me to see that he drew a detailed map of the state for his fourth grade Idaho History class. (Yes, we study Idaho history in the fourth and eighth grades here. It's not as bad as it sounds.)

I love that one of the oor little guys holding up the map key got squished. That's just our kid's sense of humor coming out.

Here's an essay he wrote to accompany the map:

In his essay, he writes:

Why I Love Idaho

I like Idaho because it has many amazing features like Craters of the Moon, because it looks exactly like the moon. Idaho is also famous for potatoes, silver, and gold mines, and Craters of the Moon. It also had many disasters, like the Great Idaho Fire in 1910, the Great Teton Flood, which killed thousands of livestock and many people were left homeless, and the Influenza Epidemic. The explorers Lewis and Clark even came to Idaho in 1805. It is also a fact that if Idaho were flat it would be bigger than Texas! How cool is that? And that is why I like Idaho. THE END.

Yes, we've taken him to Craters of the Moon. Twice.

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