Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gripe Session

I know I should be a happy man, blessed as I am with a lovely wife and family, comfortable home, two vehicles, a great job, a great suit and terrific henchmen. But I just gotta vent a little. Here are my gripes tonight:

My chair. I love my chair. It's comfortable. It kicks back very nicely. Except I hate my chair. The original wheels are broken, and I've been trying to make due with substitute wheels from Lowes, Home Depot, ACE Hardware, et cetera. Nothing is sturdy enough. And the local office supply store looked at me as if I were a descendant of Martians, thinking they could help me find replacement wheels.

Legos. We have waaaaaay to many Legos in the house. The boys REFUSE to clean them up without a lot of screaming. They have about a minute now before I go into their room with the garbage can to throw them all away.

Road Construction. I like good roads. I just hate it when they have to get torn up to make them better. And in the case of Highway 33 through Sugar City, they're NOT removing the ridiculous camber in the road which makes my cars bottom out on occasion as we have to cross the road.

Leaks. We have, or appear to have, two leaks in the house. One is in the basement, and I'm concerned it's not coming from the stud wall, but from behind the brick wall behind the fireplace. I know I come from a bricklaying family, but I do not want to have to tear that wall up to find out what's behind it. Talk about yuck. The second leak is in the bedroom upstairs. If I hack the drywall out to see where the water is coming from, I'm going to get showered with insulation. Double yuck.

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