Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wet Spring

It's one of those springs again, when spring just keeps on springing and springing and springing into what's supposed to be summer. I know May and June are Idaho's monsoon season, but these last few years have been a bit more monsoon-y than ever. Take this into consideration: Last year we took a trip at this time to the Oregon coast and met less rain than what we had at home that week.

There are some good things about a wet spring, however. Among them, this:

And this:

Yeah, spring flowers. First, cherry blossoms from the two tiny trees we have in our front yard. I wish they'd last a lot longer than they do, but given that the rain we get is also accompanied by copious amounts of wind, their survival is not guaranteed past the first week.

Then there are the pansies. I've loved these flowers since I was a kid, so to have them volunteer in the bed below the cherry trees is wonderful. I eventually hope I can encourage them to take over the entire bed so it becomes beautiful and maintenance-free.

Our beautification project for the summer is going to be to replace the weed-ridden strip between our house and the fence -- a width of about five feet, length of about twenty -- with currant bushes or some other kind of flowering shrub.

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