Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oont: The Selling Begins

Seth and Altus don't want much: A little adventure. A new weapon or two. A peek at what lies beyond the green, secluded valley they call home and have never left because, well, the elders say there's no reason to leave.

They don't bargain on getting exactly what they want, either.

The strangers bring them the weapons they want, and with them, they help the village find more food for survival. Then the strangers whisk the two boys away.

In 50,600 words, Seth and Altus are whisked to House Deus where they learn they're in training for some kind of odd apprenticeship in which all they have to do is make suggestions to others. The suggestions they make, however, become more sinister until the boys escape. They're caught by the one man they thought would help them flee and are then taken to the other side of House Deus, where they learn their mission now is to train to become messiahs, saviors of other worlds.

And that's what I've got thusfar for a plot summary and the nucleus of an inquiry letter to send to publishers. If I can find one that'll give me the time of day. Which is rare this day and age, as most publishers no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Writing the book, fine-tuning the book and getting an inquiry letter than sings may be the easiest part of this book thing. I will persevere, however. I will triumph.

I'm currently following, as I have mentioned, two literary agents who have blogs and massive followings from the Yankee Stadium of mediocre novelists that exist out there. I don't know if anything will come of that, but I can at least give it a shot, right?

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