Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oont: The 100-Page Milestone

Oont marches on, this time with lots of wildlife. And I hit the psychological level of 100 pages of single-spaced tomfoolery. What that means beyond having a page number in three digits I don’t really know, but it is nice to be there.

While I’m prattling on about meaningless numbers, here are some more:

Words: 44,221
Characters (no spaces): 196,014
Characters (with spaces): 239,403
Paragraphs: 1,140
Lines: 4,516

This tells me that my average word length is 4.43. Must be lots of short words then, which is okay.

What the numbers don’t say, however, is whether the writing here is any good at all. Most likely it’s not, but I can at least try, can’t I?

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