Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Attention BYU-Idaho Students: You Stink at Driving. And Walking. And Cycling.

Some dim bulb of a BYU-Idaho student pedaled his bike in front of our bus tonight.

I was sitting in the front seat, and twitched just as the driver did, trying not to hit the cyclist. I don't know who you are, cyclist, but bear this in mind: Only an experienced bus driver stopped you from getting hit tonight. You were not visible, you on your dark bike with a dark jacket on.

We got off the bus, about ten or so of us. There was quite a stream of cars behind the bus, and our vehicles were parked on the other side of the street. So we waited. And waited. But that's what you do for traffic, right?

Not if you're a BYU-Idaho student. We saw several dart into traffic -- slow-moving, yes, but moving nonetheless, at dusk. We figured that was the thing to do. But being the silly safety-is-drilled-into-us-because-we-work-at-an-industrial-plant types that we are, we waited for the traffic to clear before we crossed.

But that's par for the course at BYU-Idaho. Driving near campus you encounter two things: Stupid pedestrians and stupid drivers.

Some idiot from Washington state passed my wife and I tonight and nearly rear-ended the slow-moving vehicle in front of us because obviously we weren't going fast enough for him. Yeah, you in the white Diamante. Get that pole out of your keister and learn how to drive.

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