Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yet Another "Life-Changing" Announcement from Apple

I know every basement blogger is writing about this.

I know a fair contingent will have the same opinion as I.

But really, Mr. Jobs: Having the Beatles come to iTunes is a “life-changing” event?

How? I want to know how.

I have lived for the past 38 years without a single Beatles album in my house. Oh, sure, I might recognize a Beatles tune on the radio. We did goofy indoor exercises ranging from rope-jumping to ball-bounding to drawing concentric circles on the blackboard to “Penny Lane” when I was in the third grade at Lincoln Elementary School.

But life-changing? Really?

You’re the boy who cried wolf, Apple. In the past three years, well, we’ve had the Beatles from you. We’ve had the iPad from you. The iPhone Mark Whatever. All life-changing events.

A cure for cancer, that’s life-changing.

The return of Christ, that’s life changing. (Oh, but you have returned. And run a computer company. I forgot. Please forgive me.)

Making available digital music by the Beatles – the same music that’s been around for, oh, fifty years now? Not life-changing. Someone at Apple please make a note of that.

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