Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back on the Dentist Track

You know, earlier this year when I was using this blog mainly as a springboard and place to write the first novel I’ve ever completed, I was a happier man.

I had a challenge. Something to look forward to outside of the ordinary day-to-day dealings of earning living, helping to raise a family, and finding time for a little relaxation.

Yet since I finished the first draft, I’ve felt strangely unfulfilled. I’ve still got the thing to edit, but I don’t have that compulsion to do so. It’s a sign of my inherent laziness, perhaps.

Or a sign I need to get back to writing, because that’s what I like best. Maybe I’m the Jesse W. Heywood of writers. I’ve got to get back on the Dentist Track. Start watching at about 1:00:

I don’t deny that editing my novel is the next step in getting it polished enough to publish. But the thrill isn’t there, like it should be. Though I’m going to start editing the beast this weekend and bring it to heel by bringing 20 pages or so with me to work each day so I can edit them on the bus ride home. And perhaps I can make daily posts of my editing progress. Yes, that’ll do. Soon I’ll be rocketing out of here, just like Mr. Snrub.

Good news is I did finally get some information I need for to fill in the one remaining INSERT NOVEL STUFF HERE hole I’ve got. I’ll report on that this weekend. And perhaps on the new project I’m working on. Perhaps writing one while editing another will help keep those creative juices flowing. That or I’ll discover the string in my leg is gone.

YES! I keep pichin’ em and y’all keep missin’ ‘em!

I’ll be quiet now.

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