Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is the Toyota Dying?

We may be on the verge of retiring the Toyota.

And here’s the thing: I can’t really see us buying another vehicle to replace it. Even though we got a zero percent interest loan on our other vehicle from the First Bank of the Father-in-Law, that was because we bought a car from him. No such luck this time around. And that’s fine.

Do we need two vehicles, I have to ask. Yes, I use one to get to and from the bus every day. But all it does all day is sit on that hill with the other site worker vehicles, until I’m ready to go home. Though it’s kind of a pain for Michelle, she could easily pick me up. And take me there. And if we don’t replace it, I’ll ride my bike to the bus stop when the weather’s good.

Then there are the weekends. On rare occasions we’re off in two vehicles, but more often than not, if we go anywhere, we’re all going together. So we could easily get along with only one vehicle.

Not that there’s a lot wrong with the truck, or at least I hope. The brakes are acting funny, again. Have to take it down to Larsen Repair to get them fixed. But it does have nearly 200,000 miles on it, and you know, even Toyotas don’t last forever. Maybe it’s time to bid it farewell.

Or not. We'll take it to the mechanics on Friday and see if they can do their voodoo again. When it comes to vehicles, better the devil you know, I say.

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