Saturday, November 6, 2010

Scary Lego Men

Because there are three small children in the house, and because they play with Legos, I find them everywhere. We find them in the carpet just as we vacuum them up. We find them piled in pools of water on the bathroom vanities, or abandoned on every sitting surface in the family room downstairs, without any children in sight. And if, heaven forbid, we shift them (sometimes with a shovel, there are so many) we hear shrieks of indignation along the lines of: "Don't MOVE that! I'm PLAYING there!" As if there were black and yellow caution tape up around the entire Lego collection, alerting us to their being-played-with status.

Tonight, the following motley crew appeared on my desk:

First, we have righty, the brainy British Petroleum oil rig worker (by the outfit) who lost his right hand in some tragic Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion.

Next, we have Sith Lord apprentice and baker Anakin. He's still serious about baking, of course, but he scowly mien, sunken cheeks and pistol belie his otherwise peaceful appearance. I'm sure in a former life he killed somebody "with this thumb."

Finally, this person I first saw upside down, so, given the long luxurious hippie hair, I assumed this was a female. Until I saw the five o'clock shadow and the mustache.

Since I can rely upon my children to leave their odd little Lego creations all over the house, this may become a regular feature of this blog. As if I don't already have enough to babble about.

UPDATE: Today (Sunday) the chef was seen having ditched his pistol in favor of a shotgun. STAY OUT OF THE BAKERY.

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