Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hatches Firmly Battened

Sounds like our first winter storm is going to blow through starting tonight, which means we got our stuff cleaned up just in time.

It's hard to believe snow is coming. It's harder to believe that it's Nov. 7 and 58 degrees outside.

But we do indeed have all of our stuff stowed. We got the camper winterized yesterday, including installation of the new cover over the propane tanks. The cover actually makes the camper look about ten years younger than it is. I'm thinking about getting one for my non-existent abs and pecs.

We also got the porch swing put away. The swing was a severe casualty last year, as the canopy collapsed under the weight of a freak spring snowstorm. Michelle made a new canopy, but I can't guarantee it'll hold up under any amount of snow, so it got stuffed into the shed yesterday.

Oh, that poor shed. I miss the days living at home when we had sheds in which we could put our other sheds in case it got too nippy outside. When I look at real estate advertising, I drool when it mentions shops and such. I'd like one. But it's not to be, at least not until this next year's round of layoffs is over and I'm still employed.

But back to the cheerful subject of winterization. I even raked leaves yesterday, and dumped them in the garden. I'm hopeful the snow will come and stay so the leaves don't get blown all over like they did last year.

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