Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hell Week, Part II

So, last week wasn't fun at work. Many, many changes came in and were rush-rush and high-priority.

Then, by the end of the week, additional changes came in. Including changes to the changes made earlier in the week. I know this is a regular occurrence in the document world, but as we're on a compressed schedule this week and last, but when you get to 5 pm Thursday and wish you could do the week over, that tells you something. We're earning our keep, however, which makes the days go by faster and makes me feel like I'm really earning my money. That's a good feeling.

Still, I get tired of making changes to changes. We're to the point now that they've got a choice: They can have things fast or good, not both. So this week -- and really, it's tomorrow -- we'll try as hard as we can to make the documents good. There may be one document that's going to be a trouble-maker; the rest ought to be just fine. Once we're through Monday.

Not that I have a case of the Mondays, however.

Still, Sunday evenings does remind me of sitting on the front porch with Dad all those years ago, watching the sun set through the morning-glory vines, and hearing him give that big sigh.

"What's up," Randy asked.

"I don't like Sunday evenings," Dad said. "I have to go to work in the morning."

That from a man who worked long hours, sometimes six or seven days a week and never let on to his slacking sons all that time that he'd rather stay home and putter. And so it goes.

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